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Autometers Systems

The HorizonData MonitoringSystems is the fusion of land-based metering and ether-based monitoring. It enables End Users, Facilities Management Companies, Multi UtilityConsultants,Electrical and Mechanical contractors to viewEnergy data both graphically and in a tabular form for actual and profiled from any web enabled PC or devices 24/7.

Local & remote alarming

Invoice & costed reporting

Remote site management 24/7

Who We Are

Electricity Meters and Power Monitoring Systems, UK – Autometers Systems is a UK based company with global manufacturing capability.The company manufactures a selection of electricity meters and power monitoring systems ranging from single and polyphase Electro-mechanical kWh meters, to a range of sophisticated, fully programmable Information Centres with their own dedicated software to complywith the most demanding requirements of operating standard, accuracy and reliability.


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