Autometers- Electricity Meters

We supply a range of Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) approved electricity meters that are sure to meet all of your requirements. We stock all manner of enclosures, systems and parts, from DIN Rail Meters to split cores and transformers. You can be assured that when you purchase from Autometers Systems, you will receive the highest quality materials.

Our newest offering are meters in metal enclosures. We supply a unique range of meter casings that have been specially designed just for Autometers and our customers. Our bespoke line of meter casings and service boxes are specifically manufactured to fit our strict specifications and standards. If you require a specialist project, we can collaborate with you and develop a bespoke and completely personalised meter casing.

We have a range of Horizon Energy Monitoring Systems that can supply you with a full billing and low cost basic monitoring systems. Our team can supply you with the Horizon HC-1 data logger, which has a 1 GB memory card for quick and easy on site data logging and retrieval on location. If you are searching for a more sophisticated model, the Horizon HC1-P has built in GPRS, meaning you can sync the data with a chosen website, giving you the convenience of accessing your data no matter your location.

At Autometers Systems, we supply all manner of accessories, from terminal connection blocks to current transformers and split cores. No matter your needs, we can provide a bespoke and high quality service that guarantees full customer satisfaction.