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Energy Monitoring System and Smart Meter Reports by Horizon

The Horizon energy data monitoring system is the fusion of land-based metering and ether-based monitoring. It enables end users, facilities management companies, multi utility consultants, electrical and mechanical contractors to view smart energy data reports. The meter reports can be produced both graphically and in a tabular form for actual and profiled report from any web enabled PC or devices 24/7. Whether the utility is electric, water, gas, heat or cooling the data from a single metering devices or customer defined groups can be viewed, exported, e-mailed or simply graphed. Additional benefits of remote alarming like live data feed, comparison of data, automatic reporting and invoicing can be added. Username and password protected log in enables remote access from ANY web enabled device ensuring fast flexible access to your energy monitoring system information from anywhere in the UK.

Data is transferred via GPRS technology or via HTML Intranet connection to a remote server through an encrypted transfer for secure storage and accessibility.

As an energy metering and monitoring system or EMS and EEMS for short, it complies with the requirements of building regulation approved document L2A and CIBSE guide TM39 and it enables BREEAM ENE01 & ENE02 compliance. The smart energy monitoring systems can measure, display and compare data on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. This enables statistical or trend analysis and building energy reporting.

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Autometers Horizon System – Smart Monitoring Where You Need It Most


Realtime Utilities Usage Monitoring

Utility metering with Pulse output, Modbus output and MBus Output can be accepted into the Horizon HC1P, HC2P, HCC or MBus to Modbus Convertors. Synchronisation is imperative for accurate invoicing or Billing. Billing or invoicing via user settable Cost Centres for Electricity, Water, Heat, Cooling & Gas etc. Billing can be automatically generated and emailed in user defined time intervals. Pence per unit, Multi Tariff inclusion, Standing charges, CCL Climate charge levy, Floor area charging, Management costs and customer logos can be added if required. 

Horizon system invoicing fuction

Flexible Reporting and Invoicing for your Energy Performance

Using the Horizon invoice reporting package, Manual and automatic invoicing are available. These can be raised for single or grouped meters based on the logical view configuration. Separate templates can be created for each logical group enabling specific departmental or customer invoicing. Virtual meters can be created from actual meters in the form of either summated or net calculations. This can be done for Modbus, MBus and Pulsed output Meters and once created these meters can then be viewed in the logical view and operate log and export data as if they were actual devices. These are especially useful when total loads are required to be known for either utilities or individual clients etc.


Critical Level Monitoring

Critical level monitoring, recording of trends, Maximum/Minimum Alarming is imperative in today’s busy environment. Horizon offers remote email or on-screen alarming for all critical data. Available for both Pulse, MBus and Modbus Meters and the kWh non usages ensure that an alarm is raised if no kWh have been consumed on a pre-determined log interval. This is extremely useful for client monitoring or for domestic applications. For Water meters, the ability to note out of limit alarming enables excessive usage or leak detection to take place save money and reducing damage risk. Historical alarms are stored showing the time the alarm was activated and the time it was reset.

Whether information is required for a single meter or for all meters within a logical group, Costed reporting enables both manual and automated reporting to include utility unit costs, Standing Charges and Climate change levies if required. Documents are created in PDF format for each meter with a Summary total of all meters within the group and can be created with Customer logos if required.

Reporting Alarms

Remote email alerts and on screen notifications

horizon system alarm notifications

Smart phone


Laptop & desktop

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