• Max 100 amp load connection
  • 3 Modules Wide
  • RS 485 Modbus (v6)



The AD1-125MBIC is the latest in the range of 1 phase 2 wire Din rail meters, which is MID approved with Appendix “B” and “D” certification. This new meter has been specifically designed with communication as priority.

The new AD1-125MBIC comes with RS 485 Modbus communication built in (Autometers v.6 protocol) and can communicate up to 40 different parameter values.

The meter has a clear LCD display showing kWh import and export with the option of displaying two tariffs with an external time switch.

By using the Modbus channel for communication it is also possible to view via a P.C./ building management system Amps, Volts, Power factor, Frequency Maximum demand and many more parameters.

AD1-125MBIC - Installation and Operating Instructions