• Class 0.2 High Accuracy
  • Moulded core with seal-able terminal covers
  • Small and compact size


Available in the following ratios: 150/5, 200/5, 300/5, 400/5, 500/5, 600/5, 800/5

The AHCT range, Class 0.5S is the minimum class of current transformer that should be used where MID approved meters have been specified. Autometers have now launched a new range to make all installations fully compliant to MID specifications. The AHCT is a very accurate current transformer; the high grade iron core enables the accuracy to be maintained over the full range of current it is monitoring.

The new range of current transformers are all moulded case, light grey with blue terminal covers to make them instantly recognisable as MID compliant. The current transformers are manufactured in various sizes and current ratios, the small size with a large internal hole make these current transformers the ideal choice for all electrical installations.

Before fitting any current transformers the circuit must be totally isolated. Under no circumstances should you try and install current transformers to a live circuit.

Aperture size: 30.5mm