• Current shorting block with four independent fuses
  • Three independent fuses with Neutral link isolation
  • Easy links to short out current transformers


Current shorting block:
Three independent fuses, a Neutral link, six sets of current terminals and three terminals for communication outputs.
Current terminal S2 common to earth saving time in earthing the current transformers.
Plug in current cables making an easy and safe connection
All terminals independently marked.

The DSBF-14 is a current transformer connection set of terminals specifically assembly on a din rail for ease of connection and mounting. It is an assembly which consists of three sets of current terminals three individual fused voltage terminals a Neutral link, three communication terminals and an Earth terminal all fitted on a din rail. The terminals are individually marked for easy identification; a diagram is supplied with connection details. The S2 terminal is common to earth for earthing the current transformers.

UE-1 standard 14 fuse and shorting terminal connection diagram