Maddalena CDSD

  • M bus or Pulse output
  • MID Approved. MI 001
  • WRASS Approved
  • Suitable for Hot and Cold water
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Single jet super dry dial magnetic drive water meter CD SD PLUS EVO is the latest range of Super Dry single jet water meters by Maddalena. CD SD PLUS EVO meters utilize a magnetically driven dry dial design. They comply with the strict requirements of the Directive 2014/32/EU on measuring instruments and European Standard ISO 4064. CD SD PLUS EVO meters combine high performance at low flow rates and maximum resistance to high flow rates and pressure. CD SD PLUS EVO meters are designed for remote communication: a wireless M-Bus compact radio module or a pulse with direct M-Bus output may be fitted maintaining the mechanical and metrological features and without affecting readability. CD SD PLUS EVO meters are guaranteed by Maddalena: manufacturer of high quality measuring instruments for a century.