Critical Level Monitoring

Critical level monitoring, recording of trends, Maximum/Minimum Alarming is imperative in today’s busy environment. Horizon offers remote email or on-screen alarming for all critical data. Available for both Pulse, MBus and Modbus Meters and the kWh non usages ensure that an alarm is raised if no kWh have been consumed on a pre-determined log interval. This is extremely useful for client monitoring or for domestic applications. For Water meters, the ability to note out of limit alarming enables excessive usage or leak detection to take place save money and reducing damage risk. Historical alarms are stored showing the time the alarm was activated and the time it was reset.

Whether information is required for a single meter or for all meters within a logical group, Costed reporting enables both manual and automated reporting to include utility unit costs, Standing Charges and Climate change levies if required. Documents are created in PDF format for each meter with a Summary total of all meters within the group and can be created with Customer logos if required.

Reporting Alarms

Remote email alerts and on screen notifications

Smart phone


Laptop & desktop