• 5 Amp Current Transformer Operated
  • RS 485 Modbus output
  • Monitoring only


Wiring: Three phase, four wire / Three phase, three wire (CT/VT op only) / Single phase, two wire
Connection: Current Transformer operated
Voltage: 230V/400V
Amperage: 5A
Frequency: 50Hz
Mounting: Panel
Size: 90mm x 90mm
Communication Output: Modbus (QX.V1.3)
(This model does not have a pulse output capability)
Certification: Monitoring only – NON MID Approved model
Horizon Compatibility: Not compatible
Tariffs: 1

Measures and displays:

Line Frequency
Currents, Current demands and current THD% of all phases
2~63rd current IHD% of all phases
Active power, reactive power, apparent power, maximum power demand and power factor
Active energy imported and exported
Reactive energy imported and exported
Energy of each phase

This meter is also available pre-installed and wired in an enclosure.

If you require Current Transformers, please review our range here.

Q-180 RS 485 Modbus Protocol


Q-180 Short form Installation Brochure


Q-180 full brochure