CF-UltraMaXX V Fixing and Flushing Kit

  • Specifically designed for the UltramaXX V heat meter
  • Ball valve for the flow pipe work comes with sensor pocket built in
  • Comes complete with all parts for quick and easy installation


The New CF-UltraMaXX V fixing and flushing kit is an essential set of parts for the installation of the UltraMaXX V heat meters; It consists of three isolation ball valves and a metal tube which fits between the two ball valves in the return pipe (see diagram) It is essential that all pipe work is flushed out before the UltraMaXX V meters are fitted.

The kit has been designed so that the centre pipe can be removed easily and the body of the UltraMaXX V meter can be inserted. The fixing kit also comes with a third ball valve tap which is fitted in the flow pipe work (hot) this has an aperture for the pocket sensor enabling the sensor to be fitted easily.

Before installations make sure the pipe work is at the correct spacing from the wall